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POSH Mommy:

Thank you so much for visiting POSH Mommy! We are truly overwhelmed with the amount of support we've received from our amazing customers, friends and family! Your referrals and repeat business have propelled POSH to a level we never expected! Please take some time to check out the site and let us know what you think! As always, thank you for choosing POSH Mommy!

POSH Mommy was founded as POSH Mommy in 2007 as a unique and fashionable mommy necklace company. Ali Krebs self-funded the business keenly utilizing her education, experience and style. In Ali's own words, "I knew if we were going to make this work we had to be different! My husband suggested embedding birthstones which was our first big hit! I learned to embed stones into the precious metals and for the first two years embedded every stone in the thousands of pendants sold... My first unique designs, the loop and square were the beginning of making mommy necklaces hip and hot!"

In April-May 2009 POSH had to be re-evaluated. According to Ali, "Our customers were expecting high-quality, high-fashion jewelry and not necessarily the hammered home-made looking pieces we were creating." Krebs again made a major investment in the company legitimizing it as a "real business" and forming a corporation! "The original concept of the jewelry was great, but I wanted to be known as more of a high-end, fine jewelry company, and NOT just for mommies!" Sure enough, POSH Mommy Inc. is now the first "mommy necklace line" licensed to be sold in major jewelry stores!

"We've literally transformed the entire line over the last 6 months. From stones to metal sizes and thickness, even finishes were evaluated. Almost every product is now made in tarnish-resistant .925 sterling silver, 14KW and 14KY gold. We can accommodate most special requests including rose gold, 18K, platinum, even genuine stones! (diamonds, ruby’s, sapphire’s etc). Most sterling silver pieces are still made in Posh Mommy’s California location, however Ali has also trained the amazing Stuller team to hand-make the line in LA to help with the increasing demand for POSH Mommy Jewelry! "Some of my latest designs will hit the site soon, so visit us often!"

POSH Mommy is now sold domestically and internationally and has been licensed by Stuller Inc., the largest jewelry manufacturer in the world to be sold to 40,000 stores! "I am so proud and amazed at what we have accomplished this year! We strive to be the very best in quality and customer service and for sure have the best mommy team around!" ~ali

POSH Mommy Team

Ali Krebs - mom of 2 Tanner & Tayler - Owner

Nicole Nicolay - mom of 2 Evan & Emilia - Director of Social Media

Brette Arno - mom of 2 Alyssa & Ashley - Customer Relations

Amy Garver - mom of 3 Jake & Cole twins & Maya - East Coast Sales Manager

Dawn Mendoza - mom of 2 Riley & Devon - West Coast Sales Manager

We also have two amazingly talented guys working for POSH... Sean Baker (Creative Director) and Mark Brenwall (Technical Director) are the masterminds behind this beautiful new website and POSH Mommy Brand!