POSH Mommy:

  • The necklaces are UNBELIEVABLE, we love them

    Naomi Priestley

  • I love love my posh necklace. I wear it all the time. My little boys call it my 3 sons necklace. Every mom should have one. I don't take it off really :)

    Garcelle Beauvais Nilon

  • Dear Ali, Thank you so much for the beautiful POSH Mommy necklace! I love the gold style and I'm wearing it right now. Thank you so much. Best,

    Brooke Burke

  • I love my Posh Mommy necklace. My children love knowing that I wear their initials close to my heart. I wear the gold and silver.

    Brooke Burke

  • Thank you so much for my loop necklace. It has been good luck! XXOO

    Maxine Bahns

  • Hi Ali, Yes! I am wearing it now :) Love it. I just did press photos for the Charity Room to Grow and wore my necklace in them. Thank you so much! My husband loves it too. xxoo

    Maxine Bahns

  • POSH, Thank you sooo much for the gorgeous personalized necklace!!! It is beautiful!!!

    Constance Marie

  • Dear Ali, Thank you so much for the beautiful mommy necklace! I love it! And wear it all the time! Again thank you for blessing me with your art/gift! XOXO

    Niki Taylor

  • Ali, Thank you for thinking of me and Levi on his first birthday. It's a very cool idea you have... Thanks again!

    Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey

  • Dear Ali, I wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous necklaces that you sent us personalized with the twins names. I absolutely love them and have been wearing them everyday. It was extremely thoughtful of you and I want you to know how much we appreciate them. Sincerely,

    Kimberly and Dennis Quaid

  • Thank you for the beautiful mommy necklace. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to wear it on date night and keep my little man close to my heart. thank you!

    Ivana, Andrew & Brooks Firestone

  • Love the beautiful POSH mommy necklaces. They're elegant yet sweet. They would make a great gift for moms of all ages.

    Natalie Morales of the Today Show

  • Thank you so much for the amazing necklace you sent to me! Im never taking it off! I love it and please let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Its sooo pretty and delicate! Love it. Thank you!

    Brandi Cibrian

  • Posh Mommy Team, Thanks so much for my gift certificate! I cannot wait to order my specific piece. I know I will get lots of use out of it. They are adorable!

    Alana DeGarza

  • Carson loved it! Thank you so much. Both the necklace and the dog tag are absolutely perfect! "

    Siri Pinter & Carson Daly

  • We LOVE the necklaces. Haven’t taken them off! We wear them all the time with pride.”

    "The Guncles" (Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood)

  • ...the necklaces are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I already have mine on!!! Jay is wearing his tonight on stage in Cleveland, Ohio. :) We love our pieces and are already wearing them with love."

    Allison and Jay Demarcus, Rascal Flatts

  • More POSH Mommies

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my mini dog tags necklace! Something so sweet and so simple... yet means so much. Thank you!

    Kellie G

  • These are the BEST necklaces for Mommy!

    Corey P

  • I love posh mommies!

    Shannon G

  • I absolutely love my new necklace, thanks POSH Mommy!!

    Jennifer G

  • I recently purchased a POSH Mommy necklace and love it! I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

    Irene G

  • BTW I love my dog tag necklace, soooo cute, thanks posh mommy!

    Debbie D

  • My husband and daughter got me a necklace for mother's day! thank you!

    Danielle D

  • My husband just gave me a birthstone toggle bracelet for my birthday. It is gorgeous! I love it!

    Keri C

  • Love, Love, Love your Jewelry. I'm so happy for you all. May God's Blessing be upon your business.

    Jeanne S

  • Thanks Ali for the amazing necklace! I'd post a picture but I just haven't got together with Brooke Burke to do that modeling shot! ;-)

    Debbie D

  • POSH Mommy has the BEST customer service ever!!!! A quality company with a quality product!

    Mara S

  • I just got my necklace today. I LOVE it! It is perfect! Thank you so much!

    Rose A

  • I recently purchased a necklace and get so many compliments on it! I ♥ my necklace! Thanks.

    Joy W

  • Just got a posh. necklace for my bday and I LOVE IT! The best part is that is was made by home town people!!! What a great gift! Congrats on the business.

    Melissa B

  • I truly love my new loop necklace! It is very unique and simple. What a good design. Thank you!

    Erin M

  • I LOOOOOVE the POSH necklaces!!!! I have purchased 2 for myself and 3 gifts for friends!! POSH is going to make some more mommies VERY happy ladies!!! :-)

    Amy P

  • I was out bid in the San Ramon School Auction. Very popular item.. I love POSH Mommy

    Ronnie N

  • I received my necklace from you through the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. My son Damian in the picture has 3mcc and is one of the BBAF Angels. I LOVE my necklace and wear it everyday!

    Laura L

  • Thank you for your generous donation to the Primo's Run for Education. I was the lucky winner and can't wait to have my POSH mommy necklace.


  • I am loving your necklaces! Will definitely drop hints to my husband :)

    Meg H

  • lovin my gold loop necklace! ...and have already received SO many compliments!!

    Amy G

  • I just received my posh necklace as an early Christmas gift and I love it!!!

    Heather I

  • I have bought necklaces for several diffrent occasions and Posh has provided great quaulity every time...

    Tom E

  • I LOVE my POSH Necklace! I wear it everyday!

    Cheryl M

  • Just got my mini dog tags and I love them!!


  • A My friend "Julie" ordered my birthday gift and I LOVE IT! Thank you! I look forward to purchasing more, myself! Fabulous idea, makes a wonderful statement, simple, sexy and a great keepsake forever!

    Lisa P